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Secretary Kasey Shackleton 021 128 0797

2018/2019 Junior Trials

If players are looking to play for one of the top teams then they MUST trial for that particular age group.

For players who wish to trial for a higher age group please contact the Junior Club Captain prior to attending the trial day.

Those CMCA rep players currently completing winter training are asked to trial at the program level they are currently undertaking unless invited directly to another session.

The trials are not compulsory and those that do not wish to trial will be placed in teams appropriate to their age and level.

All teams will be announced along with coaches at muster.


Pukekohe High School Gym

15th September


Years 5/6                 10am to 11.30am


Years 7/8                 1130am to 1pm


Bledisloe Park Sports Complex
22nd September


Years 9/10/11            10am to 11.30am

2018/2019 Junior Trials